Friday, March 15, 2019

NEW from Vicky Edwards

Imagine your 8 year old stepson and two of his friends being horribly murdered.

Imagine the lives of you and your family members being turned upside down.

Now, imagine being pointed to as the favorite suspect of
the rich and famous, and those who follow them, as well as every amateur detective whose only information has come from the media and the stories of the infamous
West Memphis Three.

Arguably, the most horrific murder case in Arkansas history,
this 1993 tragedy has been chronicled in books, movies, and TV documentaries. And, to many, the case remains unsolved. But to Terry Hobbs, it's not simply "a case."
It is his life, and the lives of the people he loves.

"Box Full of Nightmares," which is Hobbs' story as told to his cousin, Vicky Edwards,  is the straightforward, deeply felt testament of a man who, after many harrowing years living in the aftermath of the murder of stepson Stevie Branch, was blindsided by a string of high-profile accusations based on the flimsiest of evidence." - Gary Meece

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